Bright Sunshiny Day

Icy cold 7th AveI have just peeked out of my window and caught a glimpse of blue skye – joy oh joy!  We really need some fair weather to tick off the last few things on our To Do list.  We’re yet to walk the High Line, or take a trip on the Staten Island ferry, and must visit the Brooklyn markets and waterfront.  Only two days left.  Tick tock, tick tock.

After a tropical spell last week, it suddenly turned icy, blustering and wet (being used to Melbourne weather, we’re feeling right at home).  For a few days the cold and rain was quaint – it gave us a little feel for what winter might be like here in New York.  It also gave me occasion to don my new winter jacket, and to shelter in the haven of warm bars and restaurants.  There’s nothing like a fortifying drink to lift your spirits and warm your belly, and to remind you that you’re on holiday.  So what was Cam’s response, when I suggested we duck into a bar for a pre-lunch ale at 11.45am? You had me at hello.

Giant Lego X-wing

We visited the enormous Lego X-Wing which has landed in Times Square, with a gazillion other tourists.  And we visited the BIGGEST TOY SHOP IN THE WORLD, where we acquired a remote control UFO.  I think it will go down a treat with the munchkins back home.

MOMAOur wet day time table activities have included visiting MOMA (as evidenced by this shot of me, where I actually seem to be staring into space, and not at the artwork).  I think I was scoping someone’s gallery outfit and making mental notes.  Do you like how I match the painting though?

Sally and I attended a Broadway show last night: It’s Nice Work If You Can Get It, starring none other than Matthew Broderick.  It was fantastic.  And instead of having to line up in the horrendous queues which snaked all the way through Times Square, we got lucky.  I somehow charmed the ticket booth man at the Imperial Theatre into giving us the last few great seats for a steal.  What a nice man!  I will always remember him fondly…

Vin Sur VingtThis is Sally and I at Vin Sur Vingt, a lovely French wine bar in the village, where we took in our pre-theatre wine and cheese.  Beautiful.

It was here that we continued our discussion of New Yorkers and their glamorous gumboots.  It appears they must be from Hunter, and cost approximately $130 at Bloomingdales.  Could we get away with them in Melbourne, or would we just look like wankers?  Neither of us have the suitcase space anyway, so it was all theoretical.

Sally and cosmopolitan

Sally and Jon are heading to Boston on the train today, bringing an end to our New York chapter together.

So we thought it necessary to finish last night with a cocktail.  You guessed it – it’s a cosmopolitan.

Farewell Sal.  Keep it real in Boston.


One thought on “Bright Sunshiny Day

  1. And what a gorgeous winter jacket it is. I would like to request a copy of the photo of us at Vin. What a great night. Second only to our Harlem experience, in my opinion. We saw Ferris, for the love of god, and then a guy asked to see our ID before we entered a bar. That’s a good night.
    I’m still loving the gumboots Marn, but its all about the setting isn’t it? Greenwich village – appropriate. East Doncaster… Maybe a touch out of place. Mmm.
    Wish I could be doing the high line in the sunshine today too. But I will keep it real in Boston for you Marnie. Am I right? You’re welcome. You’re welcome.

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