About Me

Hello!  I’m Marnie – Mum to two awesome kids, and a kleptomaniac whippet.   I’m an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (by day), who sometimes moonlights as a bar chick, and is definitely always up for swing dancing.  I’m also known to eat ice cream straight from the tub, so if you’re one of those #cleaneating types – I’m sorry, but I don’t think we can be friends.

This blog is my little soapbox, where I like to blow off steam.  I blog about family life, food wankery, things that get up my nose, and my adventures in the world of international cake decorating.***

I’m also a bit of a vintage enthusiast, and truly believe that a lady can never have enough high waisted pants and well-fitted frocks.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

*** Okay, just so we’re clear here, there was only the one adventure, but I was kind of chuffed when my gruesome brain cake was selected as one of five 2014 prize winners, by Coolest-Birthday-Cakes.com.




12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Love the brain cake and the whole science theme. Very original (in my experience, anyway). I like your voice and imagination. Just one thing: please break up the post into several so we don’t have to scroll down so far. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Hey Marnie,
    I am writing an article for my Uni Magazine on the confusion around the modern diets and would love to get your in put.
    Would you mind if I sent through a few questions over email?

    Thanks for your time, I really enjoyed reading your blog.

    Kate Hickey

  3. Hi Marni,
    As above but for a different magazine and a different topic! Let me know if you are interested. Twitter – @ForaMag / Facebook – Fora Magazine

  4. Because nobody has commented for over a year, I feel some kind of obligation to engage, just like when I see someone on their own at a party and I know that feeling so I go over and ask them about the last book they read and they politely answer before quickly realising they need to integrate into the party because nothing is worse than being alone chatting with me, then I become that person on their own at the party … for the rest of night …. before sneaking out the back door, going home and reading a blog I though was about mediterranean soups, yet not a single recipe and think there is a good chance one of us needs to buy a thermomix.

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