More Tales from the City that Never Sleeps

Jetlag has does some really odd things to my circadian rythyms.  So I’m up at a ridiculous hour again, and reporting on days one and two in NYC.  Who needs more than two hours sleep in a row, I ask you?

Cam shops till he dropsOn the shopping front, Cam has utterly surprised me by throwing himself into it with gusto – It’s like an alternate universe.  Yesterday I found myself having to sit down by the changing room to wait and rest up, while he debated whether he should get the 34/32 or the 34/34 size pants.  I’ve had to put an embargo on any further jeans purchases, lest he take up all the suitcase space.

Due to the seemingly irreversible jet-lag, we are forced to siesta in the afternoon, and sometimes these siestas last a little longer than anticipated (ah – woops, where’s the daylight gone?).  So much to my bewilderment, we’re wide awake and out exploring until the early hours.

We spent Friday night in the East Village, with pre-dinner drinks at Jules Bistro – a Parisian style live jazz bar tucked down underneath the street.  Now if you know Cam, you can picture the expression of pure joy on his face, as we drank at the bar and listened to live music.  In Manhattan.  He went to a little happy place, bless him.

Since then, we’ve ticked off a few other things on our To Do list.

MayaheulWe’ve had two of the best Mexican meals of our lives, at Mayahuel in the East Village and Los Americanos in Tribeca. Thank the dear Lord for Mexican cuisine, in this wheaty city of bagels, pizza and giant pretzels.

Last night we followed a hot tip from a friend and ate fantastic, greasy burgers and fries at 5 Napkin Burger in Hells Kitchen. Unfortunately, a few hours later, I was still clutching my belly and wondering if my heart would thud to a stop from all that lard, as we stared out at Manhattan from the top of the Empire State Building.  Radio City

And I met a true (and utterly trollied) New Yorker at a bar.  She cry-laughed while showing me the text message conversation she was having with a friend.  It went something along the lines of: ‘I’m just going through a whore stage right now’, to which the response was ‘Aren’t we all?’

And on that rather profound note, I’ll finish up for now.

Hello New York City.

Hello New York City. I love you, and a small, embarrassing part of me wants to buy a t-shirt expressing this love.

Times SquareMost of the time, it feels totally surreal that we’re here – in a large part due to our sudden childlessness and fairly brutal jetlag. But here I am, looking out my window as night creeps on, and listening to the sirens and incessant honking of horns from the streets below.

Twenty four hours ago we arrived, and showered off the disgustingness of aeroplanes and aeroplane food. We headed straight out, and found a cute Italian bistro around the corner for dinner. Friendly waiters, a suitable non-glutenous option, and a nice bottle of wine – tick.

Cam in Times SquareI was all for slinking back to our room to sleep after that, but Cam was like a man possessed. He led me on a rambling tour of mid-town to introduce us to our temporary neighborhood and to reset his inner compass. I am utterley lacking in the inner compass department, so I gratefully stumbled around after him, through Grand Central Station and past the New York Public Library. There was a lot of gawping.  But where was this gritty, frenetic New York I was expecting?   Evidently it is not found in Mid-town on a Thursday night.

After waking up this morning at 4am, we we’re showered, dressed and starving by 7am. So, feeling like dorky, eager-beaver tourists, we threw ourselves into navigating the subway for the first time, and with the help of Cam’s inner compass, found our way downtown to the East Village.

Katz's Deli

Breakfast was at Katz’s: an old school Jewish deli which we discovered is where the infamous ‘I’ll have what she’s having’ scene, in When Harry Met Sally was filmed (the table just to the right of me, in fact).

After a bit of awkward to and fro about where to order the blintz, and where to pick up the fries, we were into the groove of it.  A Cheese blintz (oh dear Lord, they are GF!) and a pastrami omelette later, we were on Katz's exteriorour way.  Maybe we surreptitiously high-fived each other for our general excellentness, once safely outside the building.

Now, after a day of shopping and lots more gawping, I have a nasty blister, and my first New York pair of shoes (the blister preceded the new shoes, which are very comfortable).

Cam has lived up to his shopping pledges, and is the proud owner of two new bottoms and two tops. It really is amazing what you can achieve, with no children in tow, and no plans for the day – especially when you can revive yourself with an early afternoon glass of wine, and then a three hour siesta.

So far, New York, you are everything we expected and more.  And on that warm and floaty note, I am signing off to enjoy my Corona, and the view from our rooftop bar.