Escape To New York

So in just under a weeks’ time, my husband and I will be saying good-bye to our beautiful progeny, and our white station wagon, and embarking one of those enormous jets bound for New York City.  I can’t quite believe we’ve pulled it off, to be frank.  How did we manage to talk our parents into this? They live-in at our house in order to feed, bathe, ferry around and clean up after our monsters, while we skive off to distant lands, where we can entertain grand delusions that we’re young and unencumbered.  Sheer brilliance, is what it is!

It will be spring in New York City, and it will be the first time in ten years that I’ve left Australia.  It’s intoxicating (lordy – imagine the freedom), weird (and again – how on earth did we get away with this?), and somewhat stressful (sheesh – only fourteen days to catch up seven years of spontaneity, adventure and sleep-ins).

And my plan is even more fabulous than at first glance.  In a combination of happenstance (and, let’s be honest here, a little scheming), it happens we will be in Manhattan at the same time as a pair of our dearest friends.  That’s you Sally and Jon.  Imagine the opportunities that await us;  The shopping-running-into-long-luncheon type opportunities.  The stopping-for-a-wine-at-three-pm-just-because-we-can type opportunities.   The.. The.. Oh it’s all too much!

It seems it’s also all a little cliché, being a ‘significant’ birthday for me this year. I actually think I may have borrowed the idea of this trip from a school-mum friend, who is also staring down the barrel of the forty.  But once the seed was planted, it kind of took on a life of it’s own.

And yes – okay – it’s also possible that I’ve watched a little too much Sex And The City in my time.  I’ll own up to that.  So how best to document this trip, than to dive head-first (or more accurately – stumble blindfolded) into the blogosphere?

I’m hoping it will help alleviate my compulsion to bombard Facebook friends with CONSTANT updates about me being fabulous in New York.  Because we all know how irritating it is to be notified that ‘Marnie checked in at Magnolia Bakery’ again.  Just like she has EVERY OTHER DAY FOR THE PAST TWO WEEKS that COW!  (And in that photo, is it the lighting, or do you think she’s porked up a bit after all those lavender donuts?….)

Anyway.  If you’d like to stop by in the coming weeks, I imagine that this space will entertain:

  1. Gratuitous images of my fashion forward moments in NYC
  2. Much crapping on about food – gluten free and otherwise
  3. Rather too many shots of me with wine-in-hand and rosy cheeks
  4. More wine!
  5. And so as not to come across as shallow, I’d better add that we plan to fit in a bit of culture around the necessary shopping and face-stuffing.

Right then.  I best get packing…